Albany Internal Activation

Albany Internal Activation

July 2021

Albany Bakeries briefed the agency to develop a strategy and execute a through-the-line plan for their brand.

The objectives were to carry out:

  • Campaign strategy;
  • Creative;
  • Staff activations.

The focus of the campaign was as below:

  • Creating efficiency in the workplace;
  • Promotion of faster and better decision making;
  • Building organisational knowledge;
  • Onboarding of the training process to be optimised;
  • Building employee morale.

Albany Bakeries have been dedicated to baking the freshest and most delicious products since 1970, offering superior quality and nutrition to consumers. Known for being leaders in innovation, having long lasting freshness, great taste and superior quality, they have 12 bakeries in South Africa delivering to 40 000 customers daily through a fleet of more than 1 200 trucks. Albany serves the largest range of baked goods in South Africa from Albany Superior White and Brown bread, to low GI variants such as Albany Low GI White, Low GI Seeded Brown and Low GI Wholewheat, and our ???? included in our much-loved Tinkies brand.

Y-Brand: As a through-the-line marketing agency, we offer an integrated approach, where we use below-the-line, above-the-line and digital marketing methods to reach a wide customer base and acquire market share within the African market for our partners (clients).

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