As a through-the-line marketing agency, we offer an integrated approach, where we use below-the-line, above-the-line and digital marketing methods to reach a wide customer base and acquire market share within the African market for our partners (clients).


We have been in business since 2004, are 100% black-owned and have a Level 1 B-BBEE score rate. We run an average of 50 campaigns annually and operate throughout the Southern African Development Community with a Head Office in Johannesburg and regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, Namibia and Zambia.




To deliver a results-oriented brand marketing solution that enhances our clients’ awareness to improve their sales and foster their growth.


To provide an innovative and effective intergrated brand marketing solution which helps our clients grow their business and realise their marketing goals.


To be Innovative and at the same time Professional as a Team with Integrity when approaching or dealing with our partners’ tasks, and being able to be Transparent and Accountable at all times.

Our 7 pillars values are:

We are here to serve our clients

Our commitment to our clients is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and we go above and beyond everyday to prove it.

We get to know our clients’ business

This division offers a marketing solution using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet. Yourself Management leverages digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

We are passionate about what we do

We never lose sight of what matters most – our relationship with the client. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

We are great to work with

We like to have fun, but we are serious about results. We have strong opinions, but no attitude. We know our craft, but are open-minded and all ideas are welcome.

We are creative and smart

We produce clever work while keeping the objective of each campaign top-of-mind.

We do the right thing

We recommend tactics that make sense, even if it means less money in our pockets. We find the most cost-effective means to achieve our clients’ goal.

We are results-oriented

Pure and simple, that’s what our clients care about most – results. Award-winning creativity is great but tangible results are even better. We strive for both.


For our founder and Chief Executive Officer – Mr Kabelo Ncholo


We provide our spectrum of marketing services in urban and peri-urban areas in numerous countries across Africa. We are now putting even greater emphasis on expanding our services in Africa, which is the main reason behind opening our Namibian and Zambian regional offices with one opening in Nigeria soon.


We have selective partners in other Southern African countries as well as in East and West Africa, which strengthens our operations on the sub-continent. Our expertise ensures that we run successful campaigns within all these countries with a broader understanding of their socio-cultural and economic factors.